About The Outdoor Charts from Tightlines Publications

Durable Outdoor ChartsBoth Novices and Pro's all over the world find something interesting in any one of the charts. Tightlines Charts also can be found in the New (I.G.F.A.) International Game Fish Association Museum and Library in Dania Beach, Florida. All charts are 3mm Laminated to ensure 100% percent Waterproofing, and can be rolled up to fit into any tackle box. Tightlines Publications is proud to announce that they are the Leader in Fishing, Marine, Hunting, and Navigation Charts. From Bait Rigging to Rules of the Road you can't go wrong with a Tightlines Charts at your helm.

These Charts are very durable. Bend'EM, tweek'EM these charts can take it. With a hard plastic lamination covering them these charts are built to last.

Durable Outdoor ChartsThese charts can go anywhere. You can store them in your tackle box or put them in your glove compartment. With the extra strength plastic lamination you can roll then up and put them in a safe place where they are always ready for action.

Durable Outdoor ChartsAccidentally dropped them in the water? Not to worry. These charts are waterproof. They can float in water for days. No more worries about accidentally dropping them over board. Just pluck them out of the water, wipe them off and your good to go.

Durable Outdoor ChartsSomething leaking in your tackle box? Just spill bait scent all over them. Not to worry. These charts clean up like a charm. No stains. Just grab a towel and start wiping them off. They're cleaned up in no time.

These charts are going to be a life saver. Don't go on any fishing or hunting expedition without them. You'll be the most knowledgeable person on the trip.